Technorati is a search engine for finding blogs and blog posts on your research and personal interests. Technorati ranks blogs based on linking behaviour, so it is easy to find popular and reputable blogs. Technorati only finds English-language blogs.

General Blog Search

Technorati is a great way for researching content across the blogosphere. You can search for blogs or for blog posts.

It now also publishes unique high quality content addressing many popular topics.

Find Topics for New Content is a great way to find what is most popular in the Blogosphere. Bloggers use is regularly to find popular content ideas to write about.

Determine Blog Authority and Ranking

Technorati rank and authority awarded by the site to all blogs is widely accepted by professionals as the leading measure for blog authority and ranking throughout the world. It is one of the industry standards for measuring a blog’s success.
How to use Technorati to publish and promote your research.
If you use a blog to record your research then register it with Technorati. Once you create your free account, you will be able to register multiple blogs with Technorati.

Use it to connect with bloggers in similar research areas. Connecting with other bloggers and building relationship is essential to succeed in blogging. Technorati is a great place to identify bloggers so you can follow them on their social networks, etc


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