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Book moves in Founder’s Library

Summer update 2: Moving!

There have been 5 moves over the summer – all related to creating a bit of space for study, and for lots more books.

1. French Collection move

The French Literature Collection (840-849) has been moved from Founder’s First Floor East & Founder’s Ground Floor East to Founder’s Basement West (where the Founder’s print journals used to be, just below the linguistics and Shakespeare collections). This is to enable us to create 32 extra and much needed study spaces in Founder’s First Floor East.


2. Hispanic Collection move

The Hispanic Literature Collection (860 – 869) used to belocated along the wall in the room below Founder’s Help Desk. It has been moved to Founder’s Ground Floor East (just before the Classics Collection).


3. Music Collection expansion

In order to create much needed space in the Music book and scores collections, these will now be spaced out in both sections of Founder’s First Floor East (Music previously occupied just the back section).


4. Print journals move

The Arts & Humanities print journals collection in Founder’s (which used to live in the Founder’s basement)  has now been moved to Bedford Level 1. This means that all of our print journals for all subjects are in one place, and one continuous alphabetical sequence. (NB – material previously housed in the off-site Depository has remained there).
This move has taken place in order to move the French collection into Founder’s basement and create the 32 study spaces mentioned above. And it should make browsing print journals much, much easier!


Finally, the big move:

5. Classics Re-classification & move of some material to Bedford

The Classics Collection classification in Founder’s (870 – 889) was over 30 years out of date and had created a major problem as large numbers of texts had the same classmark (e.g. 100’s of books all at 888 ARI – argh!). Over the years concerns have been raised by staff and students about the difficulty of locating the books that they needed.

Some Classics books (classmarks 888 etc) remain in Founder's Library.
Some Classics books (classmarks 888 etc) remain in Founder’s Library.

We have now re-classified the Classics Collection to the latest Dewey classification standard. The re-classification has resulted in a substantial number of books being moved to Bedford as they were re-classified under Philosophy, Ethics, Politics etc.

Some books will be classified under Philosophy (100s), some under Politics (320s).
Some books will be classified under Philosophy (100s), some under Politics (320s).


However, all of the new classification numbers are listed on the library catalogue. So when you’re checking your reading list, look out for ‘Bedford Library’ under location.

Using the books in Founder’s Library

There is a collection of older Classics books located at the end of the reclassified run of Classics books in Founder’s with blue dots on the spines. These books are not on the catalogue and will be reviewed over the coming year and those that are to be kept will be catalogued and reclassified. Russell Burke will liaise closely with the Classics Department staff on this matter.

Please note that whilst these books are not on the catalogue, they are security tagged and can be taken out if you present them at the Help Desk. A member of staff will create a short record for them, and then issue them to you. Please do this!